“Wave and PITT cooking both make unique, individual designs”

The first collaboration was in 2009. PITT cooking and Wave show how stoves and extractors can come together in one design. “Consumers visiting a showroom or flipping through a magazine are always inspired if we combine our products”, says Maikel. “We bring two appliance specialists together. This offers imaginative possibilities, like a six-burner stove and a downdraft that are made as one with the worktop.We personally are very pleased by this, and feel it is the very latest in trends.”

The products made by PITT cooking and Wave go very well together. Maikel explains that both companies also have the same vision when it comes to kitchens. “The modern kitchen is a central space in the home, it has become a focal point for fa­mily interaction. This means that the aesthetic value also keeps getting bigger. The experience of cooking has changed a lot over the past few years. Take a look at the success of a platform like 24Kitchen, for example. As specialists, we emulate this. We like combining our individual expertise so we can present the most beautiful kitchen components.”

This can only be done if those specialists have the same goal. “Wave and PITT cooking both make unique, individual designs”, says Maikel. “We stand for high-end functionality, coupled with beauty. That is what a modern kitchen should be. We make each other stronger, because we feel the same about this.

Something I find very important is the service level of our partners. We want to work only with companies who give the consumer maximum support if the need should arise. Wave is led by young, dynamic entrepreneurs who also see the importance of this.”

It can only make the future collaboration more exciting, Maikel thinks. “We are both going through a lot of development. Wave is always launching new ideas and applications. The company has introduced more extractor designs, with a lot of attention to style. We do the same thing, but with gas-burner stoves. We will continue to develop our partnership through innovation for many years to come, with trust at the core of our business.”

PITT cooking

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