“We have the same DNA as Wave”

The 2610 and 2617, exclusive island extractors equipped with a leather exterior. “We have the same DNA as Wave”, says owner Marc Schilten. “We also want to set ourselves apart all the time.”

You need craftspeople to work leather. But the market is small, and the younger generation in the Netherlands no longer get education for this. To guarantee that professionals are hired, Cools Bekledingen trains its own employees. Out of the thirty people who work there currently, half are under thirty years old. “These young people know their trade and they have the necessary motivation to keep creating beautiful, new things”, says Marc. “We are looking for the same attitude in our partners. We like making something that somebody else is not making. This is why Wave and Cools are an excellent fit.” If you know how to handle it, leather is a wonderful product. Someone with the right knowledge and skills to work and stitch the thousands of different kinds in just the right way, can make leather coverings for everything.

Even big yachts. That is why Cools uses seawater-resistant kinds of leather, which keep their fine quality when the temperatures are really high and they are in bright sunlight. When working together with producers, there is one thing that’s most important to Marc: there always has to be a drive for innovation.

“We only work with companies who share the same values, because some companies have other standards on quality and innovation. We want to be proud of what we make. The island extractors we have developed with Wave stand out within the market place – they are exclusive, hand-finished products.”

Marc explains that the construction of the extractor requires firm, hard leather. “We have chosen saddle leather, which we made thinner in our workshop to be able to follow the shape of the extractor. After that, it’s stitched with thick thread. The leather fits perfectly and can weather warmth, moisture and cooking odours.” Within a short time, Wave and Cools have already introduced several models to the market. There will be more soon. “There is a foundation for a beautiful collaboration. Because I’m convinced that the demand will only increase after this.”

Cools Bekledingen

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