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We strive continuously to develop the perfect extractors, combining the latest of technology with stylish and unique design. The technology of a Wave extractor is efficient, powerful and ground breaking. We design our extractors with appeal, which fit in with all of todays kitchen needs. A kitchen that becomes one with the living area. Here at Wave, we fulfil tomorrow’s requirements, today. We combine design with technique to create a truly valued product.

We manufacture our own special designs, but also strive to meet individual demands. Is your desired model not there? Then bring Wave your innovative ideas, and we will help you create your dream extractor.

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Wave | Fashion. For Kitchen.

“I’m glad to be offering you the new collection of Wave, developed in collaboration with a strong team and a dedicated partner.”

Every Wave extractor has to be carefully produced to the finest detail. The stitching of the leather covers, the way screws have been hidden, the sharp angle of the stainless steel, the quality of the spraying and so on. To keep creating better collections, I combine various kinds of materials, techniques and shapes.

Jerry Severins – Owner

Jerry Severins
Vincent- van den Berg

“Thank you very much for your interest in the Wave programme. Enjoy!”

The steps we have taken as a company over the past few years were positive and inspired confidence. Every time, we have adhered to market needs, which in some cases challenged the organisation. From production to after-sales, everything has to be perfect. Once again we will invest to achieve our ambitions.

Vincent van den Berg – Owner

Marc Schilten

“Always thirsty for innovation.”

At the upholstery company Cools Bekledingen, the ancient craft of leather working is still very much alive. Together with this company from Eindhoven, Wave developed, for example, two appealing models from its collection: the 2610 and 2617.

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Maikel Bink

“The kitchen has turned into a living space.”

If you choose a high-end extractor, you want quality for the rest of your kitchen too. Wave works closely together with PITT cooking, supplier of elegant gas stoves. Actually quite logical, according to owner
Maikel Bink. Stoves and extractors are inseparable.

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