Wall extractor

Refined enough to blend in with any design

Wall extrator

No connection to the ceiling

After the success of the island models, like the 2610 and 2611, the designers continued that line of thought in the design of the wall models 1610, 1611, 1617 and 1109. The models are not connected to the ceiling. The 1611 and 1109 don’t even seem to be connected to the wall. The extractor becomes a natural element, joining the other pieces of furniture in the kitchen. Atmospheric lighting, combinations of colours and materials and the refined finish turn the extractor into an eye catcher.

Eliminate cooking odours

Cooking odours are eliminated by the plasma filter in the extractor and its position on the wall, directly above the stove. If you are looking for a timeless extractor system with a solid look and possibilities for external ducting, you should take a look at the cubic models 1065 and 1116. The versions without motors are connected to external (outside) motors, but an internal motor is also an option, in combination with a carbon or plasma filter.

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