Island extractor

High-end finish executed to the finest detail.

Island extractor

A game of various colours and materials

The models 2027, 2109, 2175, 2610, 2611 and 2617 hang from steel wires and spindles, so that they are barely in contact with the ceiling. The basic shapes are simple and the finish on them is refined. The lighting is warm and atmospheric. It’s a game of various colours and materials, including copper and leather. The aesthetic benefits ensure that these models look fantastic, and are a welcome addition to every modern kitchen.

Without technique, Wave designs would have no value. The powerful cleansing task of the plasma filter in these models and the ideal position above the stove ensure the highest possible extractor capacity.

Luxurious elements

This collection also includes the timeless models 2238 and 2065. The craftsmanship with high-end stainless steel, atmospheric spots and a powerful engine make the smooth designs shine even more, without taking away from the sense of calm. Refined design additions ensure luxurious elements in a look that looks simple.

The 2238 and 2065 can be connected to duct canals, possibly in combination with external motors. Of course you can also choose a system with recirculation. For this you can use carbon filters or a plasma filter.

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