Built under unit

From the spotlight and focus on technology

Built under unit

Functionality and spaciousness

With the collection of built-in units, Wave offers the best in functionality and spaciousness. The emphasis is on technology. The models are easy to assemble in overhead cabinets, so that the exhaust is fully absorbed in the interior. Motor and drainage have also been developed with the aim of minimizing cupboard space. The design of the kitchen remains unaffected by the choice of a built-in unit. Color, lighting and dimensions can also be adjusted easily and at low cost. As with the ceiling units, they can be switched with additional sets of LED lamps in the rest of the kitchen. The lighting then has the same heat throughout the room.

Best conceivable level

The Wave built-in units function both with outside discharge and with a carbon or plasma filter. Because the unit hangs about 70 centimeters above the hob and against the wall, it functions at the best conceivable level.

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